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Case Study: Achieving growth through franchising

Building your business via franchising

Franchising is a tempting option for many entrepreneurs who are looking to build their business without having to deal with all the hassle and expense of expanding their workforce and finding new premises.

I cover a lot of the basic information about how to actually go about the business of franchising your business in this article on franchising that you can find in our Knowledge Base. But today, I wanted to share a real story with you of how franchising can work in real time.

Turning overseas partnerships into franchises

Our client had a solid, very successful business that helped foreign nationals to locate and register for education courses in the UK. It was already operating in a few locations overseas in partnerships with others when the penny suddenly dropped that it could expand its business and simultaneously protect its markets by turning its overseas partnerships into franchised businesses.

Ray Levy Law helped the client to achieve its vision by preparing a suitable franchise agreement that was designed to protect the company’s innovative business methods and intellectual property.

We also worked with the client to help create a bespoke Operations Manual, or business blueprint, which allowed the client to successfully expand its business into international markets without compromising quality.