Online Terms And Conditions Case Study

It sounded like a great idea: one of my clients wanted to create a new marketplace where people who own campervans could be approached directly by other people who wanted to rent them out.

He would make sure that the owners would be covered from any potential damage occurring to their vehicle during the rental period by putting together an innovative insurance package. He’d already spoken to the insurance company and was set to sign on the dotted line.

We went through his business model, and even though he’d been given the green light by the insurance company that they could provide a suitable policy, Ray Levy Law decided to double-check with them directly. It’s fortunate that we did because it turns out that the insurers were proposing that my client use a ‘van fleet’ insurance policy, which was totally not fit for my client’s business model.

Once the insurer admitted that their policy was not fit for purpose, my client was free to find an alternative provider who could give him what he required. Ray Levy Law then drafted a set of bespoke terms and conditions that would cover both the vehicle owners and renters, and most importantly of all, of course, our client.

The terms and conditions were drafted to ensure that the client would be protected from any liability from acting as the ‘middle man’ between the two parties and introducing them via his innovative new marketplace.