Share Scheme Case Study

With the focus increasingly turning to how to protect the environment, our client came up with a winning idea: She created an award-winning innovative product to help reduce waste in the fast food and entertainment industry.

But having a good idea was only the beginning of the process. Over the next couple of years, Ray Levy Law helped her to navigate the seed fundraising stage for her business and ensured that the corporate structure was in place. As the firm continued to grow, the client decided she wanted to create an employee share option pool to incentivize and reward the business’s employees, contractors, and advisors.

She came to us for help, and we created a tax-efficient EMI Share Scheme for her qualifying employees and a matching back-to-back non-EMI version for the people in the firm who didn’t qualify for the EMI Scheme.

The client is now ready for the big time. The company has the right framework in place to expand its team with the best hires, incentivized staff, and people who really care about the company’s success because now they have a stake in it that extends past their pay cheque.