Start Ups Case Study

It’s the stuff entrepreneurs dream about at night: A one-man band start-up begins to grow and within four years, it’s become the subject of a multi-million-pound acquisition bid. Our client had a great, but niche, business idea, and was much more focused on the actual service being provided than the business model being built around it.

We held his hand from the early stages of seed investment and provided him with the regular support, feedback, and advice to ensure that the corporate structure was developing at the correct pace to keep up with the growth of his business.

Along the way, we drafted a shareholders agreement, articles of agreement, articles of association, employee service contracts and contractor agreements. The whole time, we kept things simple and kept our costs down so that the client could get the benefits of being properly structured, without being burdened by big legal bills, or too much red tape.

A few years later, it all paid off: the client caught the eye of a much bigger enterprise, and offered a deal he simply couldn’t refuse. We completed the business cycle by guiding the client through the process of being acquired by a major international group of companies and, ensured that the client’s interests were being protected throughout.

The whole acquisition process was made so much easier because the business had the right legal contracts in place. That meant that there were no nasty surprises or irregularities to potentially upset the apple cart, and prevent our client from enjoying his well-earned exit.