Case Study: Trademarking Innovation

Using a Trademark to protect your head start

It was one of the most unusual business ideas we’d ever heard of: an innovative service offering people the chance to buy an IV Drip full of vitamins and health-boosting shots. Very quickly, the client’s vision started to catch on, and once the popularity of this new concept had been proven in the marketplace, other people wanted to copy the idea, and get their own piece of the pie.

Understandably, the client was interested in exploring some avenues that could help to protect its head start in the industry that it had pioneered, and hopefully also help it increase market share.

After some discussion with Ray Levy Law, we advised the client that the best way to try to solidify its position, protect its market share and build some walls to hamper the burgeoning competition would be by trademarking its key product names and services. Legally, this would prevent its competitors from offering the same sounding products and services.

Ray Levy Law then registered multiple brand names for the client in the UK, and the EU and also helped the client to register trademarks in the US, as protective registrations in advance of entering the US market.

We cover a lot of the basic information about trademarks over on our Knowledge Base. If you’d like to get a good grounding in what the process entails, take a look at this article.